2018 HANGANG RIVER [Tour Attraction]


Do you know where is the best place to eat "Chicken and Beer"?

Yes, Hangang park is the place. You can enjoy delicious food and great scenery. Also bike riding is available.

Let's go this awesome place with Oppa!

And! Don't miss to join in Summer festival! It's held at every Hangang park!

(July 20th~Aug 19th Banpo, Ttukseom, Yeoui-do)



When you visit Hangang park, you may see many Koreans eating, relaxing, and seating on the mat. You can just seat on the mat and chat with Oppa and grab some food which are sold at convenience store near by, such as ramyeon, dumplings, and boiled eggs. I don't know the reason why, but I feel I should eat ramyeon at Hangang park, which is also signature food.

If you need time to rest, why don't you spend time with Oppa and enjoy "Hangang food"?


Hangang park is the most beloved place to walk among locals. When I see the river flows, I feel it comforts me. For this reason, may Koreans go to Hangang everyday.

You can find couples, friends, and families, sometimes cute pets are walking along Hangang. It will be the special memory to experience Koreans' daily life with Oppa.


This night market is called Bamdokkabi night market. "Dokkabi" is Korean goblin which acts only at the night. We are using this word because this market is only held at night and disappear when the sun rise.

And people might think this night market is traditional and old. However, it's not at all in Hangang park, which is starts from 2015.

You can find food trucks are very trendy and young, and also you can enjoy little concert in the middle of this market.


You also can enjoy other special activities at Hangang park. If you want to add something more special in your tour itinerary, please contact us.

1) Riding a bike (Every Park) $

2) Kayak with sunset (TTUKSEOM) ($$$)


1. Banpo Hangang Park

1) Meet up point: Express bus terminal station Exit. 8-1

2) Places: Some Sevit, Bamdokkabi Night Market

2. Ttukseom Hangang Park

1) Meet up point: Ttukseom Resort Station Exit. 2

2) Places: HAN RIVER POOL, Cruise

3. Yeoui-Do Hangang Park

1) Meet up point: Yeouinaru Station Exit. 3

2) Places: Cruies, Bamdokkabi Night Market