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3 Hidden Spots for Best Night View in Seoul

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

1. Haneul Park

(Address: 487-48 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)

Haneul means sky in Korean. This park is situated at the top of the mountain where you can feel like you are very close to the sky. Therefore, it is called: Haneul (Sky) park.

In the fall season, Haneul park is famous for it's eulalias and wild flowers in their most natural state. It always attacks many people, especially young couples, to go there and take artistic photography.

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However, at night time, it becomes a great place to look at the Han River from almost 100m up there!

Since Haneul park is situated at the north west side of Han River, you will be able to see the World Cup Stadium in Mapo, National Assembly Building in Yeouido, Namsan Tower in Myeongdong, and if there sky is clear you can also see the Lotte Tower in Jamsil.

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If you like outdoor and hiking, this will be a great choice for you!

2. Banpo Bridge

(Address: 서울 서초구 반포동 )

And... If you like being closer to the water, you better check out the Banpo Bridge.

Every night there are 3~4 times of water show flowing down from the bridge. It is located exactly at the south side of the Namsan Tower. Many locals do recreational activities here or eat the famous Chicken & Beer under the bridge!!!

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On the weekends, there's also Ddokkaebi Night Market vendors. You can enjoy a lovely walk along the river and have some delicious local street snacks over here!! (We will be writing another post regarding the Ddokkaebi Night Market soon!! Stay tuned!)

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3. Bukak Skyway

(Address: 267 Bugaksan-ro, Pyeongchang-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul)

This is one of our favorite places to go for a drive and night view. The 19km-long Bugak Skyway runs along the northeast ridge of Bugaksan Mountain. When you reach to the top, altitude of 345m, you will see a traditional style Pavilion called Palgakjeong.

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During the winter time, it is very quite and peaceful here. Maybe it's too cold so less people go there, however, it can be a perfect romantic dating place with someone special!

(Hold tight!! To keep yourself warm ^_^)

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Of course, there are some other places like Namsan Tower and Lotte Tower where all the tourists go! Do you want to be in the crowd or go somewhere that only locals go?

Some of the places like Bukak Skyway can be hard to go without a car!

Why don't you book a Oppa tour today and have our Oppa take you there ^_^